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In the world of web design and digital marketing, Business to Business (B2B) websites are a fun and unique challenge. The products and services tend to be bigger and match up to a very specific kind of customer. That means it's crucial to get the design and messaging elements just right.

To give you a sense of what we mean - and how it can make or break your Internet marketing campaigns - here are four things that make a B2B website stand out:

Detailed Product or Service Pages

There tends to be a lot of research in B2B selling situations. An interested customer might take days, weeks, or even months looking at your website before they ever call... or follow up on a salesperson's visit. Make it easy for them to find what they're looking for by having lots of information on your product and service pages.

Layered Content on Every Page

You probably have two B2B decision-makers: the person who investigates your products and services, and the one who approves the purchase or writes the check. Make sure you have high-level information and summaries at the top of every page (for the ultimate decision-makers), while still giving details to the men and women doing the homework.

Downloadable Brochures and Manuals

Having downloadable brochures, case studies, and manuals is a great idea. That's partly so customers can look through solutions on their own, but also because it gives your sales and customer service staff and easy set of resources they can point to.

Detailed Contact Information

Somewhere in your website should be detailed contact information for your sales, customer service, and billing department. Additionally, you might want to include a mailing address and human resources links, since posting these will cut down on unnecessary phone calls.

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