At Jeenius Solutions we value your privacy. The only response you will get to any enquiry will be directly related to that enquiry.

Your email address will categorically not be passed on to anyone else and it will only be used by Jeenius Solutions in relation to this single enquiry. It will categorically not be included in any mailing list at Jeenius Solutions nor will it be passed to any third party for this purpose.

While designing your website we may have access to some of your personal or sensitive information. This will only be used as necessary in the construction of your website or other service that you have sourced from Jeenius Solutions.

For MySQL and MS Access Databases Jeenius Solutions may have access to personal or sensitive Information. This will only be used as necessary in the testing for the Database. 

Jeenius Solutions are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement supplied by the Customer if required.

All data is stored either locally on our Secure Server or in the Equinix Data Centre on our Secure Server.