Ecommerce - Shopping Carts

Jeenius have built over 100 Ecommerce (shopping cart) Web Sites.

Tailor-made solutions

Whether you are a startup business or have been trading on the high street for over 50 years, if you are not trading online you are missing out on millions of potential customers. We have worked with businesses of all sizes from startups selling a single service, through to large international organisations selling thousands of products across international markets. We design and develop bespoke eCommerce solutions, built on a powerful open source CMS to help your business operate as a fully functioning online store that offers a great experience for your customers and is simple enough for you to manage on a day-to-day basis.

More than just a checkout

Selling online is not just about having a website that can take payments. It’s about having a website that increases customer satisfaction when buying from your company. It’s about ensuring that a customer has trust when purchasing from you. And, most importantly, it’s about allowing your customers to buy into your brand and increase their loyalty to your business as a result of this.

Our teams of professional designers, developers and marketers will work together throughout your project to ensure that everything is considered at every stage. Our designers will ensure your online store looks great and instills trust in your customers. Our developers will ensure everything works perfectly, and that your customers’ personal data is safe. Our digital marketers will ensure that everything on your website focuses on conversion, moving your customers through the perfect user journey to maximise online revenue.

Custom Design & Development

We treat eCommerce development just like any other web project. We will take you through our discovery, IA, design and development processes to ensure that the end result is a fully functioning eCommerce website, that has been tailored to your business.

Find out more about our full design and development process:


Once your new eCommerce site is up and running you need to start attracting customers.

Our expert digital marketers will compose a consultation and strategy document, making recommendations about which methods of marketing they feel would be best suited to your business. Taking into consideration your brand, products/services and target audience, our marketers will provide you with a comprehensive list of marketing options you have available, and include important information about each method.

We have the experience to help you identify which marketing methods and delivery channels are the most successful and measurable.